Soul Matters offers many distinct opportunities for engagement and learning:

    Imaginal Wisdom I

This course comprises 6 day-long Saturday sessions with a class size limit of 10. In Imaginal Wisdom I, we learn the basics of imaginal theory and practice. We begin to experiment with expanding our capacity for embodied expression and taking on "parts" that do not feel like us. This course is designed to restore soul loss and to revivify imagination.

   Imaginal Wisdom II

In this continuation of Imaginal Wisdom continue to explore the value of working imaginary with internal and external blocks to full expression. The emphasis begins to shift to participant leadership and facilitation. In this segment we make a covenant of mutual responsibility for the group's wellbeing. We are all paying attention and bringing forth creative solutions and offerings.

  Imaginal Practice

This ongoing group of alums from the two fundamentals classes (Imaginal Wisdom I and II) extends to the creation of transformative community. A commitment to engaging conflict and taking 100 percent responsibility for our reactions and creations forms the basis of this group. Each group of alums designs and implements the ongoing group with support and coaching from Isoke and other imaginal practitioners. 

  Soul Renewal

Weekend retreats in which we can truly take a break from the tyranny of ego domination. Here soul is invited to do its thing! Art and music making, dramatic play, deep listening and meditation as well as engagement with the natural world form soul's container for 2.5 days of connection. From just past lunch on Friday to just before dinner on Sunday we celebrate soul. There are always lots of surprising visitations. These groups are limited to 25.

  Re-imagining Social Justice and Unlearning Oppression: Justice Literacy

Recognizing the need for new frameworks for working on social division and dis-equality, this course invites us to start from the point of imagining  what we want as opposed to rehearsing our distress about what's wrong. "Like attracts like" could be the motto for this approach. Here we make a commitment to put our life force energies into creation, and by doing so extend the understanding that we are creating the world we see, even if that truth eludes us. This group requires a 2-year commitment, and each participant will work on a particular creation that is calling to them. This group is highly experiential and requires an above average ability to self facilitate. Ideally all participants will have a solid understanding of scapegoating and splitting as well as a willingness to transmute victim-identified consciousness to empowered cultural leadership.

In addition to the foundational offerings, Soul Matters hosts community conversations and facilitates experiences with leaders and facilitators of transformation. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating in our space.

Soul Renewal Series I, II, III, IV

  •     Art that Heals and Transforms
  •     Soul Collage
  •     Body Image
  •     Singing and Making Music for Life
  •     Dramatic Play
  •     Finding and Following Your Inner Guidance System